Writing Experience

Writing has become a huge part of my life this past year. My best friend and I are in the middle of writing a fictional book series, and have completed first drafts of our first three books. In school last year, everyone in our grade had to take a course called Language Extension, which was basically a class to encourage creative writing with little projects or prompts. A special version of the class was offered, where we’d use all of our time to write one short story. My friend and I teamed up, and now we’re three books deep. We started our writing at the beginning of February, and are currently in the process of editing the first three books, as well as planning a second arc in the series and a prequel (the picture below is the cover my friend made for book 1!). For both of us, writing fiction is honestly one of the most amazing escapes. You’re in control. It’s your world. Anything can happen. If I’m having a rough week, being able to go and write is extremely refreshing. We use a site called Wattpad to publish chapters roughly every week. It’s been really nice being able to use Wattpad, and it helps us stay a lot more organized. Whether people check it out or not, it’s nice to put our work out there. It gives a sense of accomplishment to this big project, and I’m excited to see where it goes.



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